Sunday, September 7

Be Real?

Peter Doig

1.adv: The action of being true to the code ofethics of one's self, culture, and environment. ie:keep it real 

2.n: An enhanced, extreme, version of reality that usually alludes to a violent existence.
1."I beat up my teacher cuz he was wearing the wrong colors. You know I keep it real" 

2. "Shit gets mad real over in Iraq"

by Telly D. May 19, 2005

the act of being yourself, usually by buying and wearing shit that everyone else has.
Wearing all this expensive brand name shit assures that I'm keeping it real.

Being real with yourself and to all reality. 

The understanding that you are the supreme and that no one amounts to your greatness. 

When used in a phrase, "Be Real", you are showing your true justification to defecate onto someones face. This is because you understand that you are real and that they are fake on instances regarding life. 
Exxx. 1 
Girl: I can't believe we had sex last night...I have a bf. 

Guy: Be Real bitch, last night you didn't know your bf's name. 

1. A phrase one uses to challenge the authenticity of an especially outrageous statement. 
2. A cautionary remark, warning one to keep his/her feet grounded in reality. Usually countered by "I am bein' real!".
Random guy: Dude, you suck, I could school you in bball! 
Lebron: Be real dawg. 
by MustDunk July 23, 2006

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