Sunday, January 6

Something Rare - Found

  • Something Rare Something lost in
  • a forgotten relic
  • something few people have seen, but
  • those who have recognized its value
  • found in the present, from the past, a
  • truly fleeting stab into the heart/abyss
  • of the universe
  • a manifesto artists and their place in society
  • the fringe, if you will or perhaps not
  • Design is the influx of everyday
  • culture into the world of art
  • artists have a job
  • this is well known, and often expressed 
  • think for society's sake
   its only a day away live in the present
  • observe the correct course of action
  • regardless of the issue
  • you don't get any explanation
  • its a puzzle, you have to figure it
  • outwhy these objectswhat do they
  • mean why do they,
  • out of the myriad of millions of possible permutations ofmaterial form
 does it shit
  • artists at the moment mostly shit
  • we leave things behind hopefully
  • people will find them and point them
  • out
  • and maybe
  • listen
  • it could be
  • a


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