Tuesday, November 16

The Lilys - Eccsame The Photon Band

This album is kind of plain, but still really good. reminds me of supergrass and the national, kinda, but has this great shoegaze feel to it. njoy

From wikipedia:

Eccsame the Photon Band is a 1994 album by the American indie rock bandLilys, released on the spinART label.[4] The album saw the band move towards dream pop.[2] The album was recorded at Mike Deming's Studio 45 in Hartford, Connecticut,[5] largely as duo of Kurt Heasley and Harold Evans (ofPoole).[6]

The album was described as "one of the Lilys' best" by Jason Ankeny, writing for Allmusic.[2] It was described as "a hallucinatory revelation" by Marc Hogan of Pitchfork Media.[7] Comparing it with the band's previous album, Douglas Wolk, writing for Trouser Press, called it "a much crazier record, and a much quieter one".[6] Andrew Unterberger of Stylus Magazine stated that the album was "not influenced by shoegazing as a genre, but rather as a principle,", calling it "a masterpiece of mood, atmosphere and production."[8] Andrea Moed of CMJ New Music Monthly stated that on the album Heasley "sounds likeDavid Gilmour's slightly less evil twin, numb but not quite comfortable".[3]

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